“The Façade will keep your eyes glued to the pages… and then to the skies.“

Lynn A. Marzulli Author of Nephilim

“An intelligent thriller with a fascinating plot. There are a lot of theories and novels out there about aliens and demonic deception. The Façade is a breath of fresh air with a responsible and believable yet imaginative take on the issue. The story entertains but also informs with true and interesting theological and paranormal research. I can't wait until his next one comes out!“

Brian Godawa Author, Chronicles of the Nephilim, and screenwriter, To End All Wars

“Michael Heiser’s The Façade is the essential primer for those interested in the factual basis and the historical truths of the UFO phenomena. It is also the most accurate presentation of the biblical texts related to this topic I’ve ever read. The research is simply astounding. My only concern is that Heiser is too close to the truth and will become an X-file before publishing the sequel!“

Guy Malone Director - Roswell, New Mexico

“Dr. Michael S. Heiser presents a compelling examination of a topic most Christian theologians avoid—the UFO phenomenon—and he does it inside the framework of an exciting story. As the plot unfolds, the reader is treated to a primer on the history of UFOs, cattle mutilation, Operation Paperclip, underground bases, black budget projects, and—best of all—a Christian interpretation of the whole phenomenon.“

Derek Gilbert Author, The God Conspiracy

“Mike Heiser is one of the few genuine theological scholars who are thinking seriously about the UFO phenomenon. This novel shows both his incredible creativity and his brilliant scholarly mind. For a genuine theological analysis of the strange experiences with apparent space aliens, one can do no better than this book. It is insightful, carefully written, and wonderfully entertaining all in one. I highly recommend it.“

Samuel Lamerson PhD, Knox Seminary