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The Façade is a supernatural thriller written by a scholar of ancient religion and history, and ancient Semitic languages. The novel's plot revolves around two questions: (1) If there was a genuine disclosure of an intelligent extraterrestrial reality, could the traditional Judeo-Christian worldview survive? (2) What if the extraterrestrial presence was actually a physical manifestation of a sinister, supernatural presence?

The author faces these issues head on. The treatment of the theological issues is neither simplistic, nor predictable. If you're looking for light reading and formulaic plotting, find something else to read. The Façade bears little resemblance to the popular religious fiction you may be used to. Unlike the Da Vinci Code and Left Behind, the content can stand up under academic scrutiny. The Façade is intelligent but intense, an intellectually provocative page-turner. All the data points are real. Only their connections and the conclusions that derive from those connections are fictional - at least as far as we can know now.

The Façade has a 4.4 stars rating on Amazon in nearly 60 reviews. It has been the subject of conferences and many radio interviews. One reviewer hit it right on the head: The Façade is a mind grenade. Whether you know next to nothing about UFOs, the Bible, or metaphysics, or you've been studying those subjects for years, even though The Façade is fiction, you'll never look at any of them the same way again.