The Façade

By Michael S. Heiser, Ph.D.

Every document cited in The Façade actually exists.

Every ancient text discussed in The Façade is authentic.

Every historical figure referred to or quoted in The Façade is real.

The plot of The Façade is driven by the fate of a team of scholars whose bewilderingly unrelated areas of expertise include psychology, bovine biochemistry, biology, infectious diseases, apocalyptic cults and militia groups, and ancient Hebrew and Semitic languages. "Recruited" for an Above-Top-Secret project against their will by a mysterious cabal of military insiders referred to only as "The Group," the team is told by their leader, the domineering, pugnacious Colonel Vernon Ferguson, that they represent the last line of defense against a global environmental disaster thrust upon the world by an extraterrestrial race to force “peaceful” disclosure and planetary cohabitation.

In an effort to convince the skeptical team's trust, the Group authorizes access to astonishing technologies, shocking alien artifacts, and de-classified documents that chronicle the clandestine history of the United States government's knowledge of UFOs. Despite the apparent openness, it soon becomes apparent that nothing is what it seems to be at the undisclosed location at which the team is housed. The Façade follows the team as they unpeel layer after layer of deception and counter-deception toward a shocking revelation that will alter mankind's perception of itself forever—if they can discern which lie to believe.

The central character of The Façade is Dr. Brian Scott, a young scholar of the Hebrew Bible and the languages of antiquity. Despite his achievements, Brian's life is perpetually overshadowed by self doubt, career failures, and the haunting memory of the unspeakable deaths of his parents. Emotionally isolated, he is unexpectedly kidnapped and appointed to the team. Brian is also befriended by the farcical and gregarious Malcolm Bradley, a biologist, and Father Andrew Benedict, a dignified but enigmatic priest, whose opportune inclusion on the team directly relates to the direction Brian's life must take. At times paranoid, at others prophetic, Father Benedict realizes that Brian's graduate work is the key to unveiling a secret which the priest has sought to confirm his entire adult life - but whose side is Benedict on?

After a tense initial briefing, Brian is confronted by another team member, Dr. Melissa Kelley, for an insensitive but harmless gesture made during the briefing. As angry as she is beautiful, Melissa's behavior toward Brian becomes increasingly antagonistic, indicative of the fiery rage within her stoked by the pain of her past, a fury she openly directs at him for no comprehensible reason. Weeks of hostility pass until a selfless but reckless split-second decision on Brian's part alters the course of their lives forever. Together they stumble through the maze of half-truths and beautifully crafted deceptions to discern the truth. A stunning climax leaves Brian and Melissa with only each other to trust, completely unaware of the larger, more sinister agenda that is only now beginning, a scheme masterminded by beings of unimaginable power and unrelenting malevolence.